7. June 2023

The 10th anniversary

Happy Birthday popular companion of cineastes!

Time flies and already 10 years have passed since the first version of Filmlog. What an anniversary! I'm a bit proud to have reached the first big milestone with my goal to develop Filmlog in the long run. Since I still design and develop Filmlog completely on my own, the product is very much tied to my personal life and changes over the last 10 years. You can read a personal review of Filmlog's development here.

So I'm especially happy that after 15 updates and lots of ups and downs I can announce the next big update for Filmlog today. Later this year the beta test will start and you will be the first to know about it here on the blog (RSS) or on Mastodon.

To sweeten the wait there is an anniversary sale of Filmlog Plus in the next 14 days! You save almost 50% on the current price of 6,99 €. - Small disclaimer: with the next big release Filmlog Plus will have to become more expensive. So it's still worth it after the 14 day anniversary sale.

Now all that remains is to thank all those who encouraged me in the idea, used the app, sent wishes and improvements, gave encouragement or simply shared films with others via Filmlog. Here's to the next 10 years and many more happy Filmlog users.

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19. December 2021

Filmlog 2.1 – Supporting iPad

Now Filmlog is also fun on iPad!

In version 2.1 Filmlog is now available as an universal app. Therefore supports iPads natively and the application layout is optimized as well. It is now possible to share movies on Twitter and many small improvements and fixes were made.

Do you love using Filmlog on iPhone or on iPad more? Let me know on Mastodon or send me an email.

Bugfixes and improvments:
• New feature: support for iPad
• Updated for iOS 15
• New feature: sharing movies on Twitter

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16. January 2021

Apps We Love Right Now

About gratitude and recognition!

The mere quantity of available apps and the resulting competition—sometimes to be taken more seriously, sometimes not so much—is accompanying the many hours of work in front of the Mac. Meanwhile you question yourself and your product. Keeping up the hope, that you will sometime reach many people with the excitement you put into your application.

Today I'm very happy to announce, that Filmlog is featured in exactly 99 countries around the world as "Apps We Love Right Now"!

It is a great honor to be chosen within the million of apps. Thank you, dear AppStore Editorial Team for the visibility of my hard work, as well as the recognition of the quality of my, now for seven years developed and maintained, application.

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9. January 2021

Filmlog 2.0 – A big update

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Filmlog is moving to a freemium business model: Free download, try it at no charge and then unlock Filmlog Plus features via InApp purchase.

!! Important !!
If you already paid for Filmlog you can unlock all Plus features for free. Just follow the instructions after app start.

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to Filmlog 2.0. I worked hard on so many improvements for usability topics, functionality and design. There are some new features as well:

1. Do want to recommend a movie? Simply share the movie link from the movie detail page and send it with whatever app you prefer. This link opens the movie directly in the Filmlog app. If the Filmlog app is not installed, a movie detail page will be opened in the browser.

2. For the joyful use of Instagram Storys, you can now share movies there as well. A nice way to share your movie experience with friends and followers, hopefully soon about cinema visits as well.

Bug fixes and improvements:
• updated for iOS 14
• new feature: Updated Design
• new feature: Fast universal search
• new feature: Sharing via Universal Links and Instagram Stories

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